Best features from the new FitazFK app

Best features from the new FitazFK app

ICYMI: We’re launching an app and we’re pretty bloody excited about it!
If it feels like we’ve been telling you about it everywhere, then that’s pretty accurate because we want to share it with the entire world.  

Our team of expert PTs, nutritionists and clever dev have been working like mad, making sure this app has everything you need to make health and fitness a permanent part of your life…and LOVE IT. 

Every person at FITAZ HQ has veeeerrryyy different fitness goals, eating habits and body types, so when we all tested the app and wouldn’t shut up about it, we knew this was going to be seriously good. 

Here’s why we are all addicted to the app, already. 

It can be hard to part with precious time and money for a PT. Unless you're getting those sessions in on the reg, most healthy body goals can seem daunting. 

Our app gives you scaled workouts, delicious step-by-step recipes, advice and guidance to help you reach those results. Really, it’s just like a normal PT, but it fits around your schedule.

The worst (or best) part - it means no excuses! 

One of our favourite exercises

Exercising in the same place all the time can suck! Fortunately every workout has the option to be done at home, outdoors or the gym. We’ve been mixing it up between all three for heaps of variety and a shitload more flexibility!

18 mins seem too good to be true? Well…those 18 mins are FKN tough. Get in, go hard, get the results. 

Ever noticed that most meal prep is either super boring or too elaborate? Yeah, us too. That’s why we made our recipes super tasty, using normal ingredients you’d find in your cupboard. We’ve done all the nutrition calculations for you, so get in that kitchen, follow the pics and cook your way to healthy.

Majority of these delicious eats are veggie, vegan and GF friendly to keep everyone inspired.

IMG_1060 crop.png

With our app and your determination to crush those goals - that happy, healthy life is all yours for the taking. Let’s get it!

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