Essential Oils & Exercise: The New Dynamic Duo

Essential Oils & Exercise: The New Dynamic Duo

Feel like youre lacking energy in your workouts? Finding it hard to wake up for your FitazFK AM workout? Can’t cope with your aching muscles? Feels. 

Here’s a little secret, essential oils could be your new best friend. A few drops might be exactly what you need to slay your next FitazFK workout. Why may you ask? 

For those of you who don’t know what essential oils are, they’re essentially aromatic compounds extracted from plants. These oils are what make plants smell so fking good and are now the latest craze when it comes to improving human performance and of course, your FitazFk game. 

Now before you go crazy and go buy every essential oil you can find, it is important to know what type of oils you are using and how they can target the specific benefit you seek. 

Here are 4 essential oils that we believe you should start including in your fitness routine. Not to mention, you’ll be the best smelling person at the venue. 

PEPPERMINT: say hello to your new morning alarm. This essential oil will give you the boost you need to get to that 6AM FitazFK class. It’s a stimulant designed to decrease fatigue and increase your energy, giving you that extra boost to activate “beast mode.” Handy fact: Rub a few drops on your feet, (weird I know) but this body part is a major absorption point which will enter the body faster than any other spot. 

EUCALYPTUS: No need to go for a massage, this oil will do the trick. A whiff of Eucalyptus can be just what you need to alleviate aches and pains in the body.  This bad boy will help with muscle recovery and assist in relaxing the nerve impulse. 

Images by our friends from  @thecalmcompound

Images by our friends from @thecalmcompound

LEMON: If you don’t drink enough water when you work out, this is for you. A few drops of lemon in a glass of water is a great pre-exercise drink to keep you hydrated while you sweat up a storm. Lemon has the benefit of boosting your metabolism, improving your immune system and flushing away those yucky toxins in your body. 

LAVENDER: The perfect post-workout cure. Just like Eucalyptus, this essential oil will ease those workout aches and relieve remaining tension in the body. If you want to avoid waking up with the pains of yesterday’s workout, a few drops of Lavender will bring your body back to a normal pre-workout state.  

Images by our friends from:  @thecalmcompoud

Images by our friends from: @thecalmcompoud

So next time you’re feeling the struggle to get out of bed or craving a cuppa to get you pumped up for the gym, get straight into those essential oils. It’s time to perk the FK up before and after your workouts.  

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