Thigh Gap Workout!

Thigh Gap Workout!

Obsessed with getting the legs you’ve always wanted? But not noticing any changes in that little “gap” between your thighs despite doing your squats!?

There’s a reason you aren’t noticing changes! Squats alone are not effective enough to achieve muscle tone on the inner part of your thighs, which is responsible for the “thigh gap” phenomenon. Although squats target a large area of your butt and thighs, in order to really achieve the legs you’ve always wanted, you will have to incorporate exercises into your weekly workout routine that target the inner thigh area specifically.

Not sure where to begin? The legends at FitazFK have designed a workout that incorporates the perfect exercises, which are guaranteed to target the desired inner thigh area and get you one step closer to your dream bod!

To top it off, we’ve filmed a video tutorial for this workout, which we have provided! You can find these exercises, along with many more in our 8 Week Challenge guide!

Thigh Gap Workout

1. Squat Pulses for 20 REPS

This exercise is the starting point of your workout, and is designed to warm up and activate your thigh muscles, whilst toning! This is similar to a squat, only more effective! The added pulse gives you that extra burn and allows you to get more out of your time!

2. Donkey Kicks for 20 REPS (each side)

This exercise works your butt and inner thighs! The leg extension in a donkey kick really triggers and works your inner thigh muscles, without targeting your outer thighs!

3. Sumo Jump Squats for 20 REPS

Much like squat pulses, a sumo jump squat is a more difficult variation of a regular squat! Adding in a plyometric movement such as jumping doesn’t just burn more calories and increase your heart rate, but the jumping move itself utilises your inner thigh muscles and get’s them absolutely firing!

4. Plank Jacks for 20 REPS

This killer move targets your abs, butt, and thighs! A plank jack incorporates fast, vigorous movements designed to make your legs burn, and for you to burn fat fast! Super effective if you want to achieve the thigh gap look!

5. Weighted Squat and Press for 10 REPS (each side)

This move is a static squat, with an added (single arm) overhead weighted press! Of course this move aims to tone your inner thigh, but it also challenges you to stay balanced, and improved your strength!

6. Squat Front Kicks for 20 REPS

Much like donkey kicks, this exercise incorporates a leg extension kick that fires your inner thigh muscles specifically. You’ll feel definitely feel the FKing burn with this one!

7. Squat Side Kicks for 20 REPS

ANOTHER squat variation. We hope you’re loving these new moves! Again, the leg extension in this exercise really targets and tones your butt and inner thighs… with the added difficulty of throwing off your balance! So take this one slow, and focus on your technique.

As always, remember to repeat each exercise 3 times through before moving onto the next! Just what you needed to kick off Winter and work on getting the summer body of your dreams! Good luck and happy squatting babes!

Loved this? So write us a comment below, and let us know how you went with this workout! 

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