Trying To Give Up Coffee? Here's How To Ditch The Morning Brew

Trying To Give Up Coffee? Here's How To Ditch The Morning Brew




Today marks day one of giving up the elixir of life. Cue major withdrawals and splitting headache. Oh and it’s only midday. But to tell you the truth, my beloved Zymil Latte just wasn’t doing it for me anymore.

As addicted to caffeine as I was, it was getting to the point where I felt I REALLY needed it. Like, how could I be expected to string two sentences together or face the morning commute (let alone people) without sipping on that warm, delicious brew first thing? Not to mention the jittery feels and the extra heart palpitations I really didn't need. Anyone else feel this?

Sadly, it was a relationship I knew that had to end. Not only am I kickstarting my FitazFK 8 Week Challengetoday, I realised I was becoming extremely reliant on my morning cuppa - it was the first thing I thought of when I opened my eyes and there was no better feeling when that morning “fog” cleared away from my head. Ah, ultimate bliss.

It's all about mind over matter - I’ve cut out my morning cup of joe before (3 months caffeine free) and it was the BEST three months of my life -I no longer needed caffeine to officially function. I was full of energy and slept like a baby every night. Oh and those heart palpitations? Gone.

So to our challenge starters or if you’re looking at having a quick cleanse, here are some of my tips to help you finally give up that cappuccino.


I've tried going cold turkey before. And oh man was it hard. Thumping headaches that made me physically ill and cravings like no tomorrow. Not to mention the "relapse" after three days. If you're a serious coffee lover, try slowly weaning yourself off a week before your challenge starts. Go from full strength, to 1/2 strength to ultimately nothing. Drink 2-3 cups a day? Opt for just the one! Trust me, it will be less of a shock to the system once you're ready to kick things off with our challenge.


There's nothing like sipping on a warm cuppa while catching up on the gram and seeing if Kylie Jenner has returned from her social hiatus. Find a warm drink (we suggest green tea or chamomile) to replace the long black you clutched onto for dear life. 


Splitting headache like me? Drink up girl! Your body is adapting, so be sure to keep it well hydrated and to help avoid feeling sluggish and fatigue. I am loving my 2litre bottle. 



I know what you're thinking... the last thing you feel like doing as soon as you wake up is going for a workout. Sans coffee. But exercise equal endorphins and endorphins equals happy hormones. Which ultimately results in more energy! Start your day on the right foot (pun intended) and give your body the natural boost of energy it needs. 


Anyone else actually calculated how much they spend on coffee each week? $4 a coffee, 5 times a week = $20, quick maths! Save your pennies - put that money aside and treat yourself to a reward at the end of each month. Having an end goal will hold you accountable and help avoid any relapses. 


Phase 1 of FitazFK is all about cleansing and getting rid all those nasty toxins that don't belong there and help puts your body in the ultimate fat-burning mode! Self control will be your best friend over the first two weeks of your guide. Let's fking do this! Bundle & save now.

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