How to Stay Bikini Ready all Year Round

How to Stay Bikini Ready all Year Round


Thick blankets, woollen sweaters, pom pom hats. Winter gets a bad rap, but it’s quite charming (curse you, comfort food!). Better yet, you get to hide under layers and layers of clothes, giving your body a break from constantly being on point. But, you don’t want to take it too far. You don’t want to wake up in spring only to realise your clothes don’t fit anymore because you were drinking your weight in hot chocolate. So, the solution? Treat-Yo-Self smart. We’ve put together 5 awesome ways to stay bikini ready all year round – and avoid winter weight gain!


When it’s close to feeling like antarctica outside, there’s a whole lot more time spent Netflix-watching, couch-spooning, book-reading and girl-gossiping on the couch than discovering the great outdoors. This is exactly why the couch-space should be approached with caution when it comes to snacking. Ban yourself (and your guests) from eating or drinking anything less that a hot cup of herbal tea (hold the sugar, folks) during the winter months. Okay, you can include the occasional veggie sticks with homemade hummus if you feels. Doing this will help you eliminate a lot of the nasty calories that make your clothes smaller.



Okay, let’s be real here. When it’s fking cold, the last thing we want to do is go for a morning run. The solution? Start a class. You may find doing the same workouts over and over again a tad, erm boring – but if you introduce something new to your workout routine, say like the coolest spin class ever (fit with neon lights and 80s music!), then you’ll be more motivated to workout during the colder months. And your options are endless, think Bikram Yoga where it’s h-o-t, and even dance classes to show off your moves!


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Who are we kidding, wine is always the answer. But everything in moderation, folks. Let’s all agree that wine makes winter better, period. But it’s also something that you shouldn’t get into the habit of indulging every single night. Think of wine like the winter version of ice cream – you don’t have ice cream every night (right?), and the same should apply for wine, too!


A steamy warm drink in the winter mornings is imperative. But, who says it has to be coffee? Did you know that bacteria actually thrives in the kind of acidic environment coffee creates inside your body? So, if you’re starting to feel a tad exhausted or run down, switch your coffee for a cup of herbal tea with a big dollop of honey. Despite being super healthy for you, honey has specific properties to boost brain function and improve your memory, so it’s perfect for your mornings.


Cold nights, comfort food. Hey, it makes sense. But when you’ve worked so hard to get your body where you want it, is it really worth blowing it all on an entire pizza? (Some of you may think, “yes!”) For those remaining – say NO to fried and fatty foods that dominate the colder months and you may still fit into your tight short-shorts come summer. Replace your idea of “comfort food” with REAL, WHOLESOME comfort foods like veggie-packed soups and casseroles, poached eggs and warm porridge with stewed fruits instead.


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