You Can Do This Butt Workout Without Leaving Your Home!

You Can Do This Butt Workout Without Leaving Your Home!



Whether you're currently trying to madly get bikini body ready during winter (the warmer months are creeping) or you're trying to maintain your booty all year round - we hear you girl! 

While squatting, jumping and lunging your little heart outs seems the obvious way to go, unfortunately, all of the squats in the world won't be enough to give you the rounded booty you really want. *Cue Beyonce Booty Goals* 

Forget the squat rack - our FitazFK Booty Bands are just the thing, to tone, lift and sculpt your booty. Available in a set of 3 (each band is a different level of resistance), they're made for all booty shapes and sizes.

Oh and what's even better? You don't have to leave your home to give these a go! Try these exercises anytime, anywhere. 

1. Donkey Kicks


Sculpt your booty with our favourites, donkey kicks. The key here is to keep your core ON! Make sure your hands are directly in line with your shoulders. Keep your abs tight - lift your leg, so your thigh is parallel to the floor. Try not to lift any higher!

2. Glute Bridge


A lot of our babes sit at a desk all day every day. By including some of these into your routine, you're really keeping your booty guessing, strengthening your glute muscles while keeping the pressure off your lower back. By adding extra resistance to a glute bridge, you're really working on increasing strength in your core PLUS they help improve your squats and deadlifts!  Feel that squeeze as you thrust to the top and try to keep your knees out at all times. 

3. Standing Abductor Side Raises

Time to target the upper glutes - guarantee you'll feel the burn the next day! Try to stay active at all times - keep your core locked in, hips straight and stand as stable as possible... only your working leg should move! Try to keep it slow and controlled and really visualise your glutes contracting. 

4. Squat Jumps

A spin off the original squat - you'll definitely feel these in your quads and thigh gap! Make sure to stand shoulder width apart and keep your knees out at all times. Use your core to help you explode to the top and make sure you keep your chest up. Aim for a soft landing and make sure to use your whole foot not just your toes! 

Ready to feel confident and grow your behind? Get your FitazFK Booty Bands here. 

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