No Gym, No Weights, No Problems: How to Stay Active While Travelling.

No Gym, No Weights, No Problems: How to Stay Active While Travelling.

This time of year sees many of us packing our suitcases and hitting the road for a much-needed break. However, limited gym access doesn’t necessarily mean you need to forgo a good sweat sesh!


Now we know, travelling and staying in shape don’t exactly go hand in hand. Typically, the holiday season is the time for over-indulging, treating yourself (on more than one occasion) and most often than not, coming home 5+ kilograms heavier.

However, with less priorities at hand and fewer pressures of everyday life this can be the perfect opportunity to take full advantage of staying in shape so you can come home feeling refreshed and revitalised. Going on holidays shouldn’t be seen as a fitness regime ruiner, either.

Let’s face it, no one really wants to be spending hours on in, slaving away at the gym or stressing about exercising when they’re travelling the world. The key here, is balance. Finding that happy medium between partying hard and playing hard while keeping your health in check on the go.

Don’t know where to start? Feel like you don’t have time? That’s where FitazFK has got you covered!

Our FitazFK programs only require 18 minutes of your day! Oh and forget the treadmill! Jam packed with full body EMOM style resistance workouts that focus on maximising all of your major muscle groups means you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time and get more bang for your buck (umm, yes please!)  Even squeezing in a couple of HIIT sessions could make all the difference when you’re reaching for that 4th slice of pizza.

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Going on a solo trip? Missing your gym buddy?
Our Essentials Bundle is literally your ULTIMATE travel companion. Travel friendly, readily accessible and suitable for all levels of fitness and abilities, our bundles can literally be taken anywhere! And the best thing? They only take up a tiny amount of space in your suitcase (leaving more room for shopping, of course!)

Compiled with all of our ‘must haves’ you’ll feel ready to workout anywhere in the world! ‘The Essentials’ bundle is PACKED full of goodies to keep you feeling organised, hydrated and ready to go! Equipped with our in depth fitness journal, muscular trigger ball, stylish water bottle and our famous booty bands, this bad boy will keep you accountable to ensure you never lose sight of your fitness goals when you’re abroad!

If your idea of a holiday doesn’t involve working out, there are still plenty of other ways to stay fit. Focussing on moving more and keeping active, wherever that may be is the secret here. In saying that, we all know how easy it is to let the day pass us by, lazing around, with the only movement being rotating on the sun lounger every half hour in the hope to get that perfect even tan…

However, the beauty of being in a new place is being able to explore your surroundings! Walking is now your new best friend. Whether it’s strolling down the beach, getting lost down that hidden laneway or even hiking up the mountain to get that insta-worthy shot... walking is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to stay active whilst travelling.

You name it, there are plenty of activities to throw yourself into - yoga, surfing, kayaking, swimming, snorkelling, rock climbing - just to name a few. Even if it’s for 30 mins a day, keeping active will help get those endorphins flowing and your heart pumping. This will not only boost your mood but increase your energy levels, leaving you feeling ready to hit your next destination!

Finally, don’t stress! The main things is that you enjoy yourself and make the most out of your time travelling. Don’t worry if you treat yourself one too many times or don’t workout everyday.  As long as you’ve got your trusty Essentials Bundle, and remember to choose healthy, active alternatives you can do no wrong!

Be sure to keep an eye on our FitazFK Instagram page for more killer holiday inspo.

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