Gymtimidation - The Feeling Is Real

Gymtimidation - The Feeling Is Real

It comes with no surprise that we all have fears..whether it’s a fear of heights, spiders or even clowns. Let’s face it, we’re human and we can’t help it!

But with the sudden craze for all things health and fitness today, there’s one fear that is beginning to trigger many of our sweat goers. The fear of going to the gym or what we like to call,  “Gymtimidation.”

What the fk? Okay so it may be a made up word, but the feeling is real.

And it’s preventing so many eager and motivated people, with intentions of getting fit, from experiencing the world of exercise within a gym. 

The reality is…gym’s can be an intimidating place, especially if you're a first timer. But what needs to be remembered, is that we’ve all been there! We’ve all gone through that awkward phase of trying to accommodate to a new shred shed. 

The plus side? It actually all starts in our head and can easily be overcome.

As an online business and founders of Brisbane’s FitazFK Gym, it’s safe to say, we know the feeling… We’ve whipped up 7 top  tips to combat gymtimidation so you can get FitazFK  in no time. 

1. Remember why you started

People go to the gym to work on their OWN bodies and OWN personal goals. So the truth is…other gym goers will probably not be looking at you! And if they are, they’re probably just jealous of your trendy activewear or amazing technique. Don’t lose sight of your goals and stay focused on you! 

2. Fk going solo, Buddy up!

Going to the gym wth a friend means you’re not alone. You can both motivate each other and focus on hitting those sweat goals together. Friend can’t make it…no worries, the next time you’re working it out, say hey to your gym trainer! They are there to help and support you through your fitness journey, plus they can help you with those tricky machines!


3. Put your stalking skills to the test

Like you would for a potential partner, it’s not a bad move to give the gym you want to join a good little stalk. You can suss out the vibe and get a good idea of the set up.  

4. Spoil yourself with some good activewear

Look good, feel good, do good! One of our favourite parts about working out? Wearing the latest trendy activewear. Buy something that makes you feel amazing and you’ll be shining with confidence. 

5. Get a little classy

Not sure where to begin? Classes are a great way to ease into the gym life. Not only are they a great way to sweat, you literally don’t waste any time! No more stressing over what exercise to do next or what machine looks easy enough to manage. 

6. Go in with a game plan

The worst thing you can do is go to the gym without a strategy. If you know what you want to achieve at the gym, this will help you focus and forget about what others think of you. Still struggling to come up with a plan? Girl all you need is our FitazFK program and you’ll be set. The workouts are easily broken down and can be stored on your phone so you can take them with you anywhere..including the gym!

7. Most importantly..Come prepared

WTF is a great way to remember…Water, Towel and Fresh armpits. There’s nothing worse than going to a gym and smelling your neighbours unprotected pits as he bench presses right beside you. 

Follow these steps and you’ll be kicking gymtimidation in the butt in no time! Just remember, we’ve all been there. Getting out of your comfort zone is an awkward feeling, but once you overcome it and feel at ease, it’s the best fking feeling. Gym will then become your home away from home. 

Live in Brissy and want to experience what all the fking fuss is about? Be sure to visit us at FitazFK Gym, Kangaroo Point - your first class is free

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